5 Best WordPress SEO Plugins Which You Must Try On Your Blog

Friends you know that more than 90 Million websites in the world are powered by WordPress. Day by day WordPress is becoming popular among bloggers .But do you know the main reason behind it? Why WordPress is world best CMS?

WordPress is best CMS because no one can beat it in SEO.WP uses well written codes & Google just love it. But this does not mean that by just installing WordPress on your blog you will be ranking high in search engines. If you want to get organic traffic & want to rank well in search engines then you will have to install good quality SEO Plugins on your blog.

I have personally used all these plugins on my blog & would recommend you do the same.

Without wasting any time lets have a look at 5  best SEO Plugins for WordPress which You Can Install On Your Blog:

1.WordPress SEO ByYoast

This is my all time favourite plugin and I am currently using it on my blog. This plugin has been created by Joost de Valk and has been downloaded over 7.5 Million times with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5. This clearly shows that it is one of the best Plugin(For Both On-Page & Off-Page SEO) in the market for WordPress. The Best part about this plugin is that it is completely free.

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Features: You can set Post Title,Meta Descriptions,Permalinks,Breadcrumbs,Canonical Url,XML Sitemaps and much more on your blog. If you want to make your blog social media friendly then you can even add Facebook Open Graph and Twitter MetaData. If you are using All-In-One SEO or HeadSpace2 SEO Plugin on your blog then with the help of Import Function you can move your SEO data(Meta title and description) into this plugin.

In addition, it previews how your content will look in search engines, controls which pages from your site go to search engines, allows you to control indexing of categories and archives, and so much more.You can even edit your robots.txt and .htaccess file with WP Yoast. With the help of Flesch Reading Ease scale you can check whither your post is easy to read or not.

As compared to other  WordPress SEO plugins “WordPress SEO By Yoast” is little complicated but still I Would highly Recommended this to every WordPress blog owner.

2. All In One SEO Pack

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All In One SEO Pack is the most popular plugin & has been downloaded most number of times from WordPress Repository. Michael Torbert is the creator of AIO SEO Plugin. If you are new to WordPress or SEO world then this is the plugin which you should install on your blog. For beginners there is no need to change its default settings, just Install it & Activate it.

Features: With the help of this plugin you can avoid duplicate content,optimise post tiles for search engines & can generate meta tags automatically.This plugin also enables you to manually include META tags (title, description and keywords) for each page and post in your web site.You can also add canonical urls, XML Sitemaps & Google Analytics with the help of this plugin.

NOTE: Install Only 1 Plugin Between WP Yoast & All In One SEO.


SEOPressor is at number three in my list of ” best seo plugin for wordpress“. More than 150k webmasters are using SEOPressor on their blog which clearly shows that it is one of the most powerful On Page SEO Plugin.It has many features which will help you optimize all of your articles and rank you well in Search Engines.

Features Of SEOPressor:SEOPressor Plugin,best seo plugins for wordpress,best seo plugin for wordpress 2014

  • Over optimization check
  • On Page SEO & Multiple LSI keyword analysis
  • Check Keyword Density
  • Social SEO Integration
  • Rich snippets
  • Smart linking
  • Automatic Smart Linking

You can use SEOPressor with WordPress Yoast. Use Yoast for adding Meta Titles &  Meta Descirption & SEOPressor for adding keywords,rich snippets  & other on page work.

The sad part about this plugin is that it is a Premium plugin($47) which means that not everyone can afford it. But if are not happy with AIO SEO & WP Yoast and are thinking to hire SEO Expert for doing on site work then please don’t invest your money on hiring so-called SEO expert instead invest your money on SEOPressor.

4.Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps WordPress plugin,google xml sitemaps plugin,wordpress seo plugin
With the help of this plugin you can automatically create XML sitemap on your blog which will help search engines like Google,Yahoo,Bing to better index your blog. I am using this plugin on my blog and it is very fast,easy to use & uses much less resources. Additionally it notifies all major search engines every time you create a post about the new content.

5. SEO Friendly Images

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A picture is worth a thousand words,but most of the bloggers just upload pics on their post and do not add correct ALT & Title attributes. As a result they do not get traffic from Images Search Engines especially Google Images. Sometimes Google even penalize websites who do not add proper ALT tages.

If you are one of them then you must install SEO Friendly Images Plugin on your blog. This plugin will automatically add Proper ALT & Title attributes on your images. In this way you will get a good amount of traffic from Google Images.

Bonus: Redirection Plugin

Redirection wordpress plugin review,redirection wordpress

This plugin does exactly what it says. No need to edit your htaccess file.With the help of this plugin you can keep track of 404 errors & handle 301 redirections on your blog. If url of your page/post changes then it will automatically add a 301 redirection,manually you can add 301,302 or 307 redirection.This plugin is very useful if you are changing directory of your blog or migrating your pages/posts in a new website.

That’s It Friends now I want to know from you who do you think is the best SEO plugin for WordPress? Which useful WordPress SEO Plugin you think I missed in this post? 

Hire Deepak Singh

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  1. Nice post, thanks.
    However, I want to know if what you imply is that all the plugins should be used together.
    If not, which one(s) will you recommend and why.
    Hope to read your response hear soonest.

    • DeePak Singh says:

      Hi Oluseys,
      It’s not a good move to use more than one on-page optimization plugin. Installing multiple plugins can have a negative effect on your SEO & blog loading speed.So choose only 1 plugin between Yoast & All In One SEO.

      From this list I would recommend Redirection Plugin & WP Yoast for on site optimsation.You can even add XML Sitemap with the help of Yoast so no need of installing Google XML Sitemap.Install SEO Friendly Images only if you are not adding ALT & Title tags on your images.

      Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. Happy New Year & keep visiting wpseotricks :)

  2. Siddharth Sharma says:

    Hey Deepak.

    Wow! Thanks a Lot buddy I’m Net on WP platform and today once again you team me about More practise in SEO these Plugins are very helpful for every Blogger.

    Thanks to Share :)

    • DeePak Singh says:

      Hi Sidd,
      I am glad to know that you find this post helpful. BTW Thanks a ton for leaving your valueable comment . Hope to see you active here & Happy New Year.

  3. It’s great post and thanks for sharing..
    Tanisha recently posted…Top 10 Android Phones Below 8000My Profile

  4. Nice list of wordpress plugins
    kamal singh recently posted…5 StumbleUpon Tips to Increase Your Blog TrafficMy Profile

  5. Hi Deepak bro,

    I’m a big fan of Yoast SEO. Free ka maal, but very useful! Earlier, I used All in One SEO. No doubt it is good, but still, Yoast has those added features, which gives it a slight edge over All in One SEO.

    SEOPressor is premium one. I’ve heard lots of good talks about it. But when I asked an experienced blogger about whether I should purchase it or not, he said no! He also gave some specific reasons for it. I mean, the plugin is good, but spending on it, when you have other good resources is not very wise!

    Yes, I use Google XML sitemap plugin. I could have used Yoast SEO’s XML sitemap feature, but still, I prefer this robust plugin. I also use a separate image sitemap on a different blog of mine.

    Regarding image optimization, I do it manually, inserting alt tags and all! Overall, a good article bro! The bonus was handy! :)

    Arun Kallarackal recently posted…Edit Jetpack email Subscription Widget and make it look catchyMy Profile

    • DeePak Singh says:

      Hi Arun Bhai,
      There are so many (3) similarities between you & me 😛 When I was new to WP & SEO World I was also using AIO SEO but after using Yoast I must say that it’s far better than AIO. In Fact I would say that Yoast is the Godfather of all SEO Plugins. There is a future in Yoast to create XML Sitemap but we both are using Google XML Sitemap for creating sitemaps & both of us are manually inserting ALT & Title tags on images.

      SEOPressor is indeed a great On-Site SEO Plugin & many professional bloggers are using it on their blogs. I believe that SEOPressor is for those who are having tough time in Yoast & AIO SEO.I have a nulled version of SEOPressor if you want to give it a try then ping me on FB!!

      Thanks a lot for visiting & sharing your views. Happy New Year to you & your family.
      DeePak Singh recently posted…Funny Jokes On Ishant SharmaMy Profile

      • Arun Kallarackal says:

        Ha ha, that’s too many similarities bro! :)

        Wishing you and your family a very happy and prosperous new year bro :)


  6. Hi Singh,
    How if I use 2 or more SEO wordpress plugins within themes which is already builtin with SEO metadata like themes I use *thesis, what impact? Is it good or not?

    Liem Kevin recently posted…Bagaimana Cara Cepat Mengoptimasikan SEO Website Joomla!?My Profile

    • Hey Liem,

      Just use one SEO plugin bro. That’s all ! And if your theme has SEO options, then no need of plugins! The theme settings will work fine!

      However, if you insist on using an SEO plugin, then switch off the SEO settings of your theme..

      Arun Kallarackal recently posted…Edit Jetpack email Subscription Widget and make it look catchyMy Profile

    • DeePak Singh says:

      Hey Liem,
      As Arun said please use only 1 Plugin. Using multiple SEO plugins can have a negative effect on your SEO & loading speed .

      BTW if you are not happy with your theme built in SEO settings then install Yoast.I am using Genesis Framework & after installing Yoast ,Genesis inbuilt SEO Settings got deactivated automatically.I think Yoast will also deactivate Thesis Framework in built seo settings.

      Thanks for visiting & leaving your comment. Happy New Year!!

  7. A useful post, in my opinion SEOYOAST is the best plugin. This plugin gives you useful and very effective opportunities.

    Keep up the good work.
    Daan recently posted…Top 10 elektrische auto’s 2013My Profile

    • DeePak Singh says:

      Hey Daan,
      I agree with you regarding WP SEO Yoast Plugin. It’s the most useful SEO Plugin in the market. If installed & configured properly then this plugin can skyroket your blog ranking.

      Thanks for leaving comment & keep visiting wpseotricks.

  8. Hi Deepak,

    Very useful article for newbies. I installed all plugins except one in my blog. It is SEO Pressor. Because, It is premium one. Comment Luv is also a best plugin you can add to this list :)
    Abid Omar recently posted…5 Immediate First SEO Settings To Be Applied To Get Quick ResultsMy Profile

    • DeePak Singh says:

      Hey Abid,
      Thanks for stopping by & adding more value to this post. I am glad that I could help the newbies out there!! I have personally used SEOPressor & to be honest I only liked LSI keywords & over optimisation future in it.
      CommentLuv is indeed a great plugin for increasing comments,backlinks & traffic .I would try to add this plugin in this list.

      Keep Visiting WPSEOTricks & Happy New Year :)

  9. Hello Deepak,

    Really nice article. I am using SEO by yoast, Google XML sitemaps and SEO friendly images. I have heard that SEOpressor is good but it is premium, so need to think twice before buying it. :)
    Sagar Desai recently posted…5 Things You Might Not Know About Infographic MarketingMy Profile

    • DeePak Singh says:

      Hi Sagar,
      I am glad that you liked my post. SEOPressor is worth buying mate,it has so many futures which will skyrocket your blog rankings. Dont Forget more than 150k webmasters are using SEOPressor on their blog.
      Keep visiting WPSEOTricks & I wish you and your family a Happy New Year.

  10. I think Yoast is great but its setting seem so complicated to me, i more comfort using All in One SEO Pack. Regards
    RosSumiati recently posted…10 + 3 Icons Freebies For Web Designer For The End Of The YearMy Profile

    • DeePak Singh says:

      Hi RosSumiati,
      There are so many bloggers like you who want to Install WP Yoast on their blog but they find Yoast little complicated & then they have no choice but to install ALL In One SEO on their blog. Anyway don’t be sad in the upcoming month I would be sharing a complete guide on How To Install WP Yoast Properly.

      Thanks for visiting & leaving your valuable comment.

  11. Thanks Singh for this plugins mentioned here, however, when you recommend them, i know for certain that you have used them.

    However, did you use every single one of them in one blog?
    Isaiah Joe recently posted…Best Adsense Alternative: Chitika ReviewsMy Profile

    • DeePak Singh says:

      Hi Issiah,
      Yes,In the last 7 months I have used all these plugins on my blog. I just love playing with plugins 😛 When I was new to WP,I installed All In One SEO but later moved to Yoast. I also used SEOPressor along with Yoast. ATM from this list I am using WP Yoast,Redirection Plugin & Google XML Sitemap.

      Thanks for commenting & visiting wpseotricks. Happy New Year :)

  12. monu saifi says:

    thank for p giving the list of plugin. Now i am using all in one plugin it is really good plugin but i want to know that yoast is better than all in one or not

    • DeePak Singh says:

      Hey Monu,
      Both Yoast & AIO SEO are best in the businees & I have used both on my blog. When I was new to WP World I was using AIO but after installing WP Yoast properly I can say it has little edge over AIO SEO Pack.

      Keep in touch in the upcoming month I will be sharing complete guide on How To Install WP Yoast properly. Thanks for commenting & Adding more value to this post. Happy New Year!!

  13. Thanks for your sharing. I want to know, plugin no. 1,2,3 can used together or we choose 1 only. tq. Happy New Year 2014.

    • DeePak Singh says:

      Hi Arman,
      Thanks for stopping by. Between WP Yoast & All In One SEO install only 1 plugin on your blog as installing multiple SEO Plugins can have negative effect on your blog and your blog loadin time will also increase. If you want you can use SEOPressor along with WP Yoast or All In One SEO. Use Yoast/AIO for generating meta titles and descriptions & SEOPressor for adding Keywords and doing other on site work.

      Keep Visiting WPSEOTricks & I wish you & your family a Happy New Year.
      DeePak Singh recently posted…Sachin Tendulkar Career ProfileMy Profile

  14. Nwosu Desmond says:

    I basically use most of the plugins you listed here except for SEOpressor and All in one SEO plugins and i find them very useful. Thanks for the insight on others.
    Nwosu Desmond recently posted…Display your PC screen on TV Wirelessly with AirTame Wireless HDMIMy Profile

    • DeePak Singh says:

      Hi Nwosu,
      Glad to know that you are using most of the plugins on your blog.
      Thanks for commenting & keep visiting WPSEOTricks. sHave a good weekend.

  15. WordPress SEO is a great plugin and I can only recommend it. It allows your to optimize your post very easily and I think every blogger will find it useful.
    Apollo recently posted…Spanish Cooperative Giant Tries Not to Repeat Lehman Brothers’ StoryMy Profile

    • DeePak Singh says:

      Hey Apollo,
      Indeed WP Yoast is the best On Site SEO Plugin in the market and every blogger should install it on their website. BTW Thanks a lot for visiting & sharing your views about WordPress Yoast. Have an Awesome week.

  16. This topic is cool, there is only one plugin from this list that I never use on my blog (SEO Friendly Image). I also using Google XML sitemap at my early time of blogging, but after knowing that Yoast SEO also has this feature, I never using it again.

    On my blog, I also trying SEOPressor now, it is great plugin that more powerful than Yoast since Yoast only can optimize a keyword on a post and SEOPressor can be handle 3 at once.

    Regards, Tiyo.
    Tiyo recently posted…On Page SEO Optimization using SEO Content Helper [Plus Review]My Profile

    • DeePak Singh says:

      Hi Tiyo,
      Thanks a lot for visiting wpseotricks & adding more value to this post. Have a Awesome week.

  17. I am a fan of HeadSpace2, do you see any advantages of switching to Yoast instead of continuing with HeadSpace2?
    Fauzul recently posted…SimplexWebs: An Awesome British HostingMy Profile

  18. I have installed All in One SEO Pack on my WordPress websites. It works fine for me. More over I think one SEO plugin is enough for a website. Thanks to blogger for sharing such useful plugin reviews.

  19. Great list of seo plugins. SEO by yoast is realy aawesome plugin. I have used but now using seopressor.
    Abhay recently posted…11 Best Free and Premium Advertising plugins For WordPressMy Profile

  20. Hello dear mate. Really a cool list of SEO plugins. i like yast bt wordpress and SEO friendly images as i am also one of those Lazy people who don’t care of ALT text etc. so i will check the plugin and it might help me. thank you
    Muhammad ismail recently posted…My 8 Blogging Goals for 2014My Profile

  21. Thanks Deepak for sharing such nice list of wordpress SEO plugins, is good to know that I almost using most of it except for the image SEO plugin. I will consider using it in the future. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Hi , all plugins very good thanks sir!!

  23. SEO Friendly Images sounds like a great idea, it is true a picture is worth a thousand words, and most of us forget to optimize the pictures, and i like that’s it’s free 😀
    but my question is: you really think “SEO Pressor ” is worth the money?
    i know most bloggers advertise it because of it’s affiliate program but, Please give honest reviews.
    because I found different opinions.
    Many thanks and Happy new year!
    Mitch recently posted…Free CV Builder, Free Resume Builder, cv templatesMy Profile

  24. Is really good, great article Well-written and nicely presented. Thanks for sharing, I found it valuable.
    Seo Link Building Service

  25. nice post

  26. HMM GREAT ONE, There is a plugin which is installed on my wordpress website i have forgot the name of that plugin. If there is page no found complain or 404 or 302 303 problem this plugin will solve the issue. After installing this plugin you will see your not found post will be redirected to Your Home page. check for more details.

  27. Madiha Durrani says:

    please define which one is best SEO plugin for wordpress blog

  28. Nice set of Plugin List.

  29. Stephanie Riggs says:

    I am using SEO by Yoast and All in One SEO Pack plugins for my website and it make very easy to insert technical information as well as making a post or page, search engines and users’ friendly. However, I tried SEO Pressor and other plugin too but I am happy with these tools and will recommend all the WP bloggers to install these tools and make your website’s SEO batter and search engines’ friendly in easy way. Either you are worried about internal linking of your web pages, keyword destiny or meta information, all is quite easy with the help of these plugins.

  30. In my early days I was using All In One,but after that I am using Yoast SEO Plugin,additionally I use msush.it for image size reduction and I always maintain alt,title meta manually.With this I am using broken link checker,database optimizer.These all are good SEO plugin.Thanks for the great article.

  31. Hi there,

    Well Yoast is my all time favourite. It does everything that I have to do manually on my blogger blogs. :)

    Hope to see one such thing for blogger too.

    A good list of plugins that everyone must try. :)
    Iftekhar Ahmed recently posted…5+ Reasons Why You Are Failing With AdSenseMy Profile

  32. Mehreen Ali Syed says:

    im using Yoast SEO Plugin on my site but someone said that install Easy WP SEO Plugin for better results on same site, now my question is that can i use both on my site ?

  33. Hey buddy thanks a lot for your article . I recently migrated to wordpress i was seaching for some plugins for my blog and now got those plugins. Thanks again :-)
    Mukul Chugh recently posted…Playing GTA 3 and Temple Run on Galaxy YMy Profile

  34. I am sure that the informative you shared through your post is useful for people. I am impressed with the way of writing. It kept connected me all the time.Keep up the good work.

  35. What is redirect plugin..? And does images site map is essential.? xml site map is not enough..?
    Alok Krishali recently posted…Hindi Movie Bobby Jasoos Full Review & CastMy Profile

  36. I m using SEO YOAST Plugin such a Great Seo Plugin.I didn’t use Allin one and other plugin

    SEO Yoast is Worked well for me

    Thanks Deepak you have wrote such a good Post
    ARUNRAJ S recently posted…Wechat for PC Download| How to Download and Install Wechat for PCMy Profile

  37. Thanks Deepak singh for these wordpress plugins… Yoast is my favorite plugin and i use it on all of my sites…
    SAJID recently posted…Top 10 Banned Movies of All TimeMy Profile

  38. hy thanks for sharing this article.its really very informative waiting for more article like this!

  39. HI,

    Thanks Deepak singh for these top wordpress plugins I am sure that the informative you shared through your post is useful for people.

  40. I like your post. Presently i uses some of them, but will surely use them all. Thanks for this wonderful article.
    Abhishek Tripathi recently posted…AUDI A3 SEDAN LAUNCHED WITH NEW SPECS AND PRICE IN INDIA 2014My Profile

  41. Hi Deepak Singh Great Article For SEO Plugins Really Great Work I like Your Post And Blog Thanks For Shareing Keep it Up :)
    Leena Shah recently posted…4 Steps to Lessen Minimize Student Loan DebtMy Profile

  42. Yoast is another good SEO managing plugin. Commercial use does have a fee, and there are some other free options. But bottom line having an all-in-one plugin is a great place to start.
    Bruce Jones recently posted…Chicago SEO Company Design & Promote adds SEO strategist John Bruehler to the TeamMy Profile

  43. Wonderful post.Get to know some more in WordPress.
    austen selby recently posted…How Free Online Services Can Kill Your CompanyMy Profile

  44. WordPress SEO ByYoast is my all time favorite too .. i am using it in all the projects of my clients and on my personal website too.
    thanks for the great guide…
    Makro recently posted…Quick US Payment Service Approval Tip for PayoneerMy Profile

  45. WordPress SEO ByYoast is my all time favorite
    Vimax Original recently posted…Obat Penghilang Kantung Mata Hitam (Cream Eye Lift Gel)My Profile

  46. Hi,

    We can use any one SEO plugin on a site. Which one you will recommend the most reliable.

    Mahendra Kumar
    Mahendra Kumar recently posted…The Brinjal Thief – Tenali Raman StoriesMy Profile

    • Hey Mahendra,
      Go for WordPress Yoast SEO plugin. As I said in the post it is little complicated to setup as compared to other SEO plugins,but if configured properly it can help you in increasing your SERPs.

  47. Gatwick Taxis says:

    Good Work Deepak bhie., Keep it Up :-)

  48. Hi!! Deepak You have shared a great information I have tried almost all the mentioned plugins for wordpress, except for the SEOPressor’ Would be a great help if you put some light on this plugin…
    Thanks in Advance… :)

  49. yes awesome plugins :)
    lovey recently posted…How to Decrease Bounce RateMy Profile

  50. i am big fan of yoast seo . they update their plugin regular basis. meta tags in allinone seo are not usefull anymore .
    raju recently posted…Paytm facebook offer :25% Cashback on Rs 150 RechargeMy Profile

  51. All the plugins are one of the best for their work.
    Thanks for sharing, very useful they are..
    Rahul recently posted…15+ Facts About Founder Of Facebook – Mark ZuckerbergMy Profile

  52. Hello Deepak,

    I don’t prefer to have multiple plugins for SEO Optimization ,therefore I prefer plugin which provides maximum functionality for SEO so I use Yoast Plugin and I believe this is the best plugin for SEO Optimization.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article with us.

    Have a great day!

    Minakshi Srivastava
    Minakshi Srivastava recently posted…Top 20 biggest Companies in India.My Profile

  53. So, that’s what makes WordPress special. I think the other CMS providers should catch up or the industry would be monopolized by WP in no time! Anyways, thank you for the provided list especially #5, SEO Friendly Images. I am guilty as charged in your description, so I will look deeply into this.

  54. very useful plugins for beginners. Thanks
    Amir Hamjah recently posted…5 guidelines to improve Your WebsiteMy Profile

  55. Yeah You are right. All plugin are well. I like most “WP SEO YOUST” I tried SEO Pressor and other plugin too but I am happy with these tools and will recommend all the WP bloggers to install these tools and make your website’s SEO batter and search engines’ friendly in easy way.
    si imon recently posted…Marijuana ConcentratesMy Profile

  56. Very useful plugin list. I am using SEO Yoast

  57. Thanks for this great list, I’m using WordPress by Yoast and it’s working really well.
    Helene N recently posted…Le vocabulaire du SEOMy Profile

  58. Yoast is really best tool. Thanks for sharing this post.

  59. Which is the best Yoast SEO or all in one seo ?
    I’m a newbie in this field please suggest me !
    Abhishek Sudhir Choudhary recently posted…Best Professional Subscription Box For BloggerMy Profile

  60. Oh! thank you for share this type of article…I think, Yoast SEO plugin is better than All in One SEO Pack plugin.

    I only use Yoast plugin because of it is so beautiful and easy to handle……

    There are another plugin that I really love is called Disqus,It is the best plugin for commenting..

    my new post: How to Increase Free Organic & Social Media Traffic to Your Blog/Website

  61. Hi Deepak ,

    This is Very Interesting and Informative Post For WordPress Top Plugin , All plugin is Good , But i am All Ready Using , SEO Pack All in one , and Google Sitemap , SEO image , Friendly , , Thank You Very Much For ,

    Popular List For Sharing me , and Guide line , Good Work and Keep it up ,
    Have a Great Ahead ,

    Aari Agarwal ,
    Aarti Agarwal recently posted…Download Free Cleanco Cleaning Company WordPress ThemeMy Profile

  62. Hi,

    Thanks to share this decent post with us.WordPress is one of the best platforms to build a website, both because of the wide array of available functionality and the number of themes available for it.And Day by day wordpress is an important to become a success.You provided a great list of seo plugins. Your input is very helpful to all people.

    Have a good day!

    Pinki Chaurasia recently posted…Funny Happy Birthday MessagesMy Profile

  63. Thanks for this great review I have tried Yoast seo plugin but it interfer with a lot of other plugins i already have so i had to remove it, and all in one SEO is still simple but great plugin the rest i have not tried yet
    jossef recently posted…Best SEO Plugin For WordPressMy Profile

  64. Thank you for sharing this informative piece of work. I have been using yoast plugin since last few years. The plugin is simple, yet covers all the essential features required to optimize the blog for search results.
    Rahul Yadav recently posted…Best Blogger Templates 2015 – SEO Friendly – Professional ThemesMy Profile

  65. Thanks for sharing…! these all above are almost the important plugin for doing better blog SEO. Actually, I am currently using Yoast SEO but I found that it was vulnerable and raise. However, I am still using it.

    Also, I love other plugin such image optimization and speeding plugin.
    Kimsea Sok recently posted…How to Start Best Small Business With BloggingMy Profile

  66. However, I want to know if what you imply is that all the plugins should be used together.
    If not, which one(s) will you recommend and why.Thank you for sharing this informative piece of work. I have been using yoast plugin since last few years.
    thanks for Blog

  67. Hi , Nice post . I am new and I use all in one seo. Will i use seo by yoast or continue using all in one seo ?

  68. I love to use Yoast. But other plugins are also good. Many thanks for this article. Love to hear more.

  69. Thanks for this post which I got to through Google.com search.

    I am using the plugins you recommended.

    I had to disable Google sitemaps to allow Yoast’s sitemap to be there. I do not know if this is a good move.

    I have also reinstalled Redirection after reading your post.

    Bronnamdi recently posted…Slimming Pills Celebrities UseMy Profile

  70. Hi Nice post,

    I agreed with this information because i have also activated this pluggin (All in One Seo) in my own WP website.It really helpful for us to make Easily Meta title, Description and keywords in our blogs.

    Thanks for this article
    Sunny recently posted…A ‘Fashion-perfect’ Foot Forward: Crops Tops and LehengaMy Profile

  71. Aloochy says:

    Oh! thank you for share this type of article…I think, Yoast SEO plugin is better than All in One SEO Pack plugin.

    I only use Yoast plugin because of it is so beautiful and easy to handle……

    There are another plugin that I really love is called Disqus,It is the best plugin for commenting..

  72. Can you use two seo plugins on your blog at the same time? Is that recommended?
    Ankit Chauhan recently posted…Commentluv Enabled Blogs List 2015My Profile

  73. I love SEO by Youst. I prev used All in one SEO pack but Youst is much better and has additional features. I also use Squirrly on one of my sites, it does its job but you can’t use both squirrly and youst and they do not get together well – although they say it works with Youst. I haven’t tried Seopressor but I might give it a try.
    Chris recently posted…The Growing Importance of Spanish Translation for US BusinessesMy Profile

  74. SEO By Yoast is best :) i loved it
    Jahanzeb malik recently posted…How To SEO Optimize Images In BloggerMy Profile

  75. redirection and seo by yoast are the best plugins.

  76. Hey Deepak – Never heard of SEOPressor, definitely checking that out! It’s got some great looking features.

  77. I currently use Yoast and find it really easy for a non-techy person for me. I haven’t got the XML plug in so will be adding that.
    Dominique recently posted…Silent Sunday 28.06.15My Profile

  78. Hi

    I am too using “WordPress SEO By Yoast” for my blog and I personally thing this plugin is very easy to use and every wordpress beginner should try this.

    Thanks :)
    Amar Thakur recently posted…5 ideal SEO strategies that drive more traffic to your blog – SEO tips for beginnersMy Profile

  79. Hi
    I am using ALL IN ONE SEO pack.. I thought to switch over to SEO BY YOAST because of its popularity and performance. However, both are great equally.
    Can you tell me what is the exact difference between these two and the best among these?
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  80. All among the SEO plugin list, i prefer SEO BY YOAST plugin more. Because it is more comfortable to set all our requirements. Anyways, Thanks for this great post.
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  81. i was using all in one seo pack but i switched to seo by yoast and you know what, there is really a good result. thanx for providing such a great information
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