Complete Guide On Domain Authority And How To Improve It

If you are active in online marketing, then you must have come across a term, “Domain Authority“. Advertisers actively use domain authority to find out good blogs to post sponsored reviews on. I was aware of this term but never really understand its importance until last week. I contacted an advertiser for a paid post and he asked me whether, my blog’s domain authority is over 30 or not? I was taken aback a bit because I was expecting him to ask about my blog’s Alexa Rank or Google Page Rank. So, I lost that chance but learnt a very important lesson that day.

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Domain Authority has become an important factor for Advertisers and bloggers as it shows credibility of a particular blog by combining the effect of Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank and .40 other factors. If any blog has a domain authority score of 30 or more then it is more likely to attract good offers from advertisers in comparison to other blogs having low domain authority score.

What is Domain Authority?

Just like Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank, Domain Authority is also a ranking metric by Domain Authority determines the potential of any blog in search engine rankings.

According to MozDomain Authority is Moz’s calculated metric for how well a given domain is likely to rank in Google’s search results. It is based on data from the Mozscape web index and includes link counts, MozRank and MozTrust scores, and dozens of other factors.

Domain Authority is used to know the credibility of a particular blog or website. It determines whether a blog is trustworthy or not. A good domain authority score means, your blog is quality and trustworthy. Search Engines would always prefer a blog with a better domain authority in their search results.

Why has Domain Authority suddenly become so important these days?

As you all know, Google has not updated its page rank for last 9 months. The last PR update took place on 5 February 2013 and after that pagerank update is just on hold. So we can say that Google page rank is not displaying the true potential and authority of blogs anymore.

There are large number of blogs who are having high quality content and are ranking well in SERP,but still they do not have any PR. Ankit Singla blog ( one of them. His blog is ranking well in Google SERP(In Top 3) for most of its primary keywords & is among the most popular blogs these days.

Some days back, Matt Cutts, head of Webspam team at Google, declared at Pubcon Las Vegas that Google is not going to update Page Rank anytime soon, at least not this year.

Search Engine Watch had the following to say on this matter :

For PageRank devotees, there is some bad news. PageRank is updated internally within Google on a daily basis and every three months or so, they would push out that information to the Google toolbar so it would be visible to webmasters. Unfortunately, the pipeline they used to push the data to the toolbar broke and Google does not have anyone working on fixing it. As a result, Cutts said we shouldn’t expect to see any PageRank updates anytime soon–not anytime this year. He doesn’t know if they will fix it, but they are going to judge the impact of not updating it. The speculation that PageRank could be retired is not that far off from the truth, as it currently stands.

PageRank used to be a huge deal sometime back but it seems to be on its way out. Google and Matt Cutts are not putting that much effort into it either. It looks like only time (Google too) will decide the future of Google Pagerank. This is where Domain Authority comes into picture. Due to Google Pagerank situation, significance and importance of Domain Authority and Alexa Rank have increased manifold. These days, Domain Authority represents the credibility and trustworthiness of any blog. Blogs having higher domain authority tend to perform better in search engine rankings and have better higher SERP ranks.

“Domain Authority” has also become the ffavorite metric of advertisers instead of Alexa or Google PR. This means that if your blog has good domain authority then it is more likely to attract good offers from advertisers in comparison to other blogs having low domain authority score.

How is Domain Authority Measured?

Domain Authority is measured by over a 100-point, logarithmic scale. The higher your blog’s domain authority score, better is its quality and credibility in eyes of search engines. According to Moz, it is easier to grow your Domain Authority score from 20 to 30 than it would be to grow from 70 to 80. A blog with a domain authority of above 30, starts showing some authority in search engines.

Many popular sites like Google, Facebook and Twitter have a domain authority score of 100. These are the domain authority scores of some of the most popular blogs in the world. leads the pack with an awesome score of 88, while Bloggingtips by Zac Johnson also fairs quite well.

Sr.No. URLs Page Authority
(Max = 100)
Domain Authority
(Max = 100)
Linking Root Domains Total Links Status
1 54 55 2549 173 OK
2 74 88 26258 15593 OK
3 58 74 9595 5721 OK
4 62 54 1395 7009 OK
5 55 69 4241 588 OK
6 43 34 212 1641 OK

Major factors affecting Domain Authority

Major factors affecting Domain Authority of a blog are :

  • Age of Domain
  • Number of good quality Backlinks (both internal and external).
  • Number of linking domains.
  • Size of blog (number of good quality posts and pages).
  • Some Moz metrics like MozRank and MozTrust.

Now, the big question, How to increase your blog’s domain authority?

How to increase Domain Authority of your blog?

According to Moz, Domain Authority is very difficult to influence directly because it is made up of many different metrics. The best way to improve your blog’s domain authority is to improve your overall SEO. In particular, you should focus on building high quality backlinks by getting more links from other well-linked-to pages.

Here are 7 very easy tips to increase domain authority of your blog very easily.

1.Quality Backlinks is the real deal

Back links are the most important factor while determining your Domain Authority score. Search engine prefer blogs which have large number of good quality inbound links as they are more credible in the eyes of search engines. Your chance of getting higher domain authority scores also increases when your site has more inbound than outbound links. You should focus on building high quality do follow backlinks from high PR sites which in turn will improve your blog’s MozRank and MozTrust (both factors affect domain authority). Always try to build relevant links as irrelevant links are of no use.

A word of caution, stay away from scam sites. BackLinks from such sites can harm your blog’s authority and credibility in the eyes of search engines. Blog Commenting and Guest Blogging are two very popular ways of creating high quality backlinks. Link back to your blog with relevant anchor text but don’t overuse any anchor text.

Guest blogging on blogs with higher Domain authority than yours is a great way to improve your blog’s domain authority. Make sure that you get do follow backlinks for your guest post. If those backlinks are from a blog with high domain authority, then it will improve your blog’s domain authority too.

Blog Commenting is also a great way of getting backlinks from quality blogs within your niche. This will also help your blog in achieving better domain authority.

2.Content is still the king

There is no substitute to high quality content. Quality content also plays a major factor in determining your blog’s domain authority. Good quality content also helps in building high quality backlinks naturally. If you have written high quality content, then other blogs and sites would definitely love to link-to-your blog. Always write unique content because Search Engines prefer unique content. Infographics, tutorials and listified posts are more likely to attract backlinks from blogs in the same niche. The best way of creating quality inbound links is to create and distribute quality content on regular basis.

Try to write a large number of high quality unique posts as a blog with large number of posts will automatically generate more inbound links resulting in a better Domain Authority score. Search Engines love fresh and relevant content. If you are updating your blog regularly, then more pages and posts of your blog would be indexed by search engines resulting in better domain authority score.

3.Link Diversity is a must

It’s not only important to have a large number of backlinks pointing to your blog but its also necessary that those links are coming from as many different high PR blogs and sites as possible. Link diversity is a must for your blog’s link profile. Your blog’s diverse link profile look natural to search engines whereas blogs having links from same domains look artificial to Google and other search engines and may get penalized.

4.Interlinking your posts work wonders

Don’t forget to link your new articles with your older ones. In this way, link juice passes through your entire blog. Interlinking your posts also helps in better and quicker indexing of your new posts. As a result, new posts of your blog will rank much quicker.

One more point, Many bloggers make the mistake of building backlinks to their homepage and other high level pages only. But it’s necessary to build backlinks to your inner pages too so that link juice can pass through the entire structure of your blog. If your inner pages like blog posts and pages have enough backlinks from a variety of sources then search engines find them credible resulting in better domain authority and SERP rankings for your blog posts.

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5.Social Media, Blog Directories and Blog Communities have a role to play too

Recent updates in Google’s algorithm have pushed Social Media to the forefront of factors affecting the SERP and domain authority of any blog. Google now considers Social Media presence as a ranking factor too. So, a post that went viral on these social media platforms would rank better on Search Engine results too. Social Media presence also affects your blog’s domain authority too. If your blog is actively participating in social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest etc. then its domain authority will improve too.

Submitting your blog to popular blog directories like Technorati and DMOZ helps in creating high PR backlinks to your blog resulting in gradual improvement of your blog’s domain authority. It’s important to note that backlinks from low quality blog directories can harm your blog too. So, submit your blog to high quality and relevant blog directories only.

Blog Communities play a major role in helping bloggers from same niche to interact with each other. Interaction plays a major role in blogging. One of the best ways to bring traffic and high quality back links to your blog is by connecting with well-known bloggers within your niche. Apart from interaction, you can get High PR backlinks from these blogging communities too. So, don’t forget to join popular blogging communities like Blog Engage, BizSugar and, if you are missing on this aspect of blogging.

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6.Play Safe, Be Safe

Never ever involve in any black hat SEO techniques. Build you links gradually and naturally. Never link to any pages that has been penalized by Google for spam content. Never use automated tools for creating thousands of backlinks in a short time. Otherwise search engines will ban your blog/domain for spamming. You have to build trust in the eyes of search engines and that can only be done by creating high quality unique content on your blog and building good quality backlinks manually.

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7.Old is 24 carat Gold

Domain age is a major factor in calculating your blog’s domain authority score. Old domains are generally considered more trustworthy by Search engines too. Domain age is among the 200 factors that Google considers in their search engine algorithms. Well, you can’t do much about this aspect. Just concentrate on creating fresh and unique content on your blog that can attract high quality PR links from blog within your niche. Concentrate on gradually backlinks to your blog gradually and naturally. This will automatically improve domain authority of your blog.

How To Check Domain Authority

There are many domain authority checker which you can use for checking DA of your blog. I personally use Small SEO Tools and Moonsy for checking the domain authority of my blog. Some other tools that can help you in checking your blog’s domain authority are Open Site Explorer and Mozbar. Mozbar is the official product by and is available as a free browser extension for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and lets you see metrics like Domain Authority and Page Authority for every page you visit, analyze links as you browse, highlight links and keywords, quickly expose page elements, and access other powerful SEO tools.


Domain authority has become an important metric for measuring the success of your blog. Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank and Domain Authority are the three metrics considered by every advertiser these days. There is no chance of Page Rank updation this year and Alexa Rank can be faked. Moreover, there are just too many reports pointing out that Google is planning to drop its Page Rank. If it indeed happens, then domain authority would become even more important. Blogs with good domain authority can easily attract good offers from direct advertisers. These are seven best tips to increase the domain authority of your blog easily. Your blog’s SERP will also improve with domain authority and as a result you will also get more organic traffic to your blog.

Over to you friends, How important is Domain Authority according to you? What are you doing to improve domain authority of your blog?

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  1. Namit kapoor says:

    May be its funny but at the start i was unable to pick word DA… but after this I am very happy..But nice article and nice writing.
    Namit kapoor recently posted…How to Increase Internet Speed After Exceeding Provided UsageMy Profile

    • Ankur Upadhyay says:

      Hii Namit,

      I am glad that I was of help. Domain Authority is a very important term for bloggers these days. Thanks for taking your time to comment here. :)

  2. Impressive write Ankur.

    DA is built once you have more backlinks and quality. Of course, when you have more quality, people tend to link to you and that’s how it goes.

    Nice write and thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Ankur,

    It was a good read, a well written, detailed article. I too came to know of DA quite recently. I’ve checked the DA of one of my active and old (9 months) blog. It turned out to be 25. When I checked my new blog, it was just 8!

    From that, I learnt that age of a domain is crucial in determining its DA. So is the number of quality posts. I was unaware of the effect of internal linking on DA.

    Now that you’ve uncovered the importance of internal linking, I’ll put some effort towards it :)

    Great writing bro! Well researched article :)

    Arun Kallarackal recently posted…Get Your Blog Indexed Fast by GoogleMy Profile

  4. Awesome guide about domain authority.
    Google pr not updated from long time. I am also waiting to update.
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  6. Hey Ankur, sorry but backlinks, PA, DA data is wrong.

  7. hi ankur and to deepak. wow, i am extremely impressed with the amount of information you have shared about Domain authority. reading this was like reading a mini ebook about domain authority. thank you for informing us about these updates since we tend to focus on alexa and page rank although domain authority is the norm now..
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  8. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Ankur,

    I dug deep into DA a few days ago after Harsh A. shared a few tips via a comment on my blog.

    I have a DA of 47 now; solid. No doubt my guest posts helped boost my DA from 42, a few weeks ago.

    Link diversity is also key.

    Smashing post!
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  9. Hi,

    Domain Authority is the current ‘talk of the town’ among the bloggers….You’ve mentioned it right that there is no surety on the next PR update….DA is an awesome tool to measure the credibility of a domain to extent of the site/blog itself…..Thanks for sharing these tips with us…they are AWESOME………
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    Before 2 Week Ago I m Aware of “how the DA is Important” To Our blog.And After reading your post i aware of how Da Calculated And How To increase our DA

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    Keep Sharing
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    Hope it is a complete post under the topic “Domain Authority”, all points are well explained.

    Now, Google has updated the PR but having good DA says that the health of that blog is good.

    Yeah, there are so many factors are considered while calculating DA and so it is essential to have quality blog posts, upright social presence, old post linking & editing, creating backlinks through guest blogging & commenting.

    Well written post which would certainly engage the bloggers, keep writing :)
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    I have never seen a more comprehensive tutorial on how to improve Domain Authority than this, I am glad i already practice most of the tips you shared here and my Domain authority is 42 as well. I hope to improve it further using the guide you have shared here. Thanks.
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  17. Please give proper attribution for the image you’ve taken from my site using a dofollow link or remove the image. Dofollow’ed external links aren’t bad, if not good, for your site’s SEO. FYI, you don’t CONSERVE the PageRank of your own site by nofollowing external links. Wake up!
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  18. Ankur, great article with very useful information!
    I wasn’t aware that Google stopped updating PR so it is nice to know why my blog was stuck at 0. As part of the backlinking strategy, do you recommend using mostly anchor texts or a mix of anchor texts and URLs?

    Thanks for the great read!

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    Hi Ankur,
    I can’t thank you more for providing us with an informative post about the ways to increase DA. You rightly pointed out about content, backlink etc in increasing domain authority. Thanks again.

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  29. Instead, you must look at the bigger picture of today’s SEO — it’s content

    marketing. And you can only win in the other areas — domain authority,

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    After the last DA and PA updated, i noticed my DA and PA dropped, so i decided to search what my problem was, before i stumbled upon your post and now i know where to amend.

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    Will follow a few things mentioned from today and will let you know what works and how much impact it has had. Thank you again for your time in putting this forward.

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    This makes it extremely important to focus on domain authority. In fact, I think bloggers must first focus on having a good DA and then on traffic. Of course, if you work on one thing and put great efforts on it, the other things gets done automatically. For example, as a part of your efforts to improve domain authority, one would write quality content that would get linked to and this would cause what? “An increase in traffic”
    Nowadays, bloggers do work a lot but their efforts are segregated. They’re focusing on a number of things at one particular time which is a recipe for failure.
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